5 days as a foreigner

How is it already the first of May? It doesn’t quite feel like spring since Dublin’s weather is quite up and down. We left family, friends, the comforts of familiar things, wide roads and big parking spaces of United States on April 25th.  Since landing in Dublin, I’m once again a foreigner in a foreign land.  I’m reminded again of the fear, the uncertainty, the lack of confidence, the instability, and just the big fat “unknown” that comes with moving to a different country. On the bright side, the Irish people speak English and I can [somewhat] understand them, unlike the first time I set foot on American soil when I was 8. I am… older, I speak their language,  I am old enough to seek information and obtain them… I should be a bit more sure of myself… yet… every little thing overwhelms me.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for Ava and Christian. I thought that it would be best to get them introduced to their new school before the summer. Meet some new friends, see who their teachers are, get used to their new surroundings. I, on the other hand, am terrified of driving all 3 kids around on these roads, on the other side of the road, on the other side of the car, with no way of knowing what exactly are the rules of the road, whether a road is one way or not, without insurance, without a license, etc etc etc. Oh I bought a car today, so I can drive the kids to school tomorrow. Yes that is helpful. I think.

Getting groceries is difficult, taking the three kids somewhere just to pry them off devices is a challenge, just going around anywhere and finding parking for this rental car around our rental apartment is expensive, none of the knives in this apartment are actually sharp enough to even chop mushroom, we’re missing a place for a 5th person to sleep, and clothes don’t dry in my washer/dryer combo, I am constantly tired, constantly overwhelmed, constantly stressed, kids are always bored, and my back hurt something excruciating every morning… but yes. These ARE first world problems. We are more than abundantly blessed, and I am not putting my big girl pants on to face some of these challenges.


I will try to focus on the good things I notice in my new home, new town, new country everyday.

So! Let’s talk about the food I’ve experienced this week. Ireland, for being an island, has fantastic strawberries, dairy and poultry. The eggs are superb. I’ve searched high and low to get good eggs in Michigan, always from farms, free range, healthy eggs from happy chickens. They always taste far superior than the supermarket counterparts, even the really overpriced marketed as “organic-grass fed-free range” sorts. The milk? HOW is it so creamy and pure awesomeness?! I don’t know. But so far I am stocking up my little European size refrigerator full of yogurt varieties, milk, and lots and lots of delicious eggs.


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