A lot of small talk goes on in my minivan during morning drop offs. Amidst the chaos that is getting a 12-month old, 4.5-year old, and 6.5-year old cleaned, dressed, and fed, and packed up and buckled in my awesome minivan, we do have some kick-butt conversations.

Today, A was telling me that the last Monday of May was “ne-morial” day.

What’s a ne-morial day mommy?

“Oh, you mean, Memorial Day?”

Yeah, my teacher was telling me that it’s when we think about all the people in the army that get killed fighting.

“Well, that’s right. It’s a day when we remember all the people in the army or the navy or air force who have served and fought for this country to protect us.”

Who are they fighting? Oh I know… like sins? Or like villains?

“Yes, exactly like villains. There are some people in this world who are not good and the soldiers help protect us.”

Hmmm. So why do they want to hurt people and do what they want? It’s like sins, like when you do things to go away from God and Je-jus?” (A’s pronunciation of Jesus absolutely confirms that she is Korean.)

“Yes, you know, there are people who do bad things in this world. We sin, we do bad things sometimes too. But you have to always try to do your best not to do that. You know? To not sin, like lying to umma or stealing or hurting others. God loves us no matter what but because God loves us soooooooooo much He wants to help us not sin and be the good guys.”

She had her signature serious look in her eyes and I can see she was digesting it. It was time to hop out of the car and start her Tuesday in the big school. From a baby whose eyes always had that laser focus to becoming an inquisitive and contemplative kindergartener– I’m not quite sure I’m ready for all the questions to come… but I’m loving our minivan talks.



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