5 days as a foreigner

How is it already the first of May? It doesn’t quite feel like spring since Dublin’s weather is quite up and down. We left family, friends, the comforts of familiar things, wide roads and big parking spaces of United States on April 25th.  Since landing in Dublin, I’m once again a foreigner in a foreign land.  I’m reminded again of the fear, the uncertainty, the lack of confidence, the instability, and just the big fat “unknown” that comes with moving to a different country. On the bright side, the Irish people speak English and I can [somewhat] understand them, unlike the first time I set foot on American soil when I was 8. I am… older, I speak their language,  I am old enough to seek information and obtain them… I should be a bit more sure of myself… yet… every little thing overwhelms me.

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A lot of small talk goes on in my minivan during morning drop offs. Amidst the chaos that is getting a 12-month old, 4.5-year old, and 6.5-year old cleaned, dressed, and fed, and packed up and buckled in my awesome minivan, we do have some kick-butt conversations.

Today, A was telling me that the last Monday of May was “ne-morial” day.

What’s a ne-morial day mommy?

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Dear Diary…

Ur, Blog,

I started you because I want to share memories with my 3 sweet kiddos (A, C, and E) in the future. But, it’s mostly for me and my sentimental self. This is a place where I can freeze slices of all these amazing (and the mundane) snapshots of my life. And…. as a busy mom of three, it’s my way to “get away” and have my “me” time.

I hope to grow from having some time to organize and reflect on some of these precious and limited moments. What an amazing chapter of my life it is, this… motherhood. I want to cherish it as much as I can and be reminded of what a blessing this time period is– even during massive meltdowns and epic tantrums (either by the kids or myself).